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    NSI Accredited Monitoring Station

    A Handful Of Our Commercial Clients
    Established in 1989

    Our vast experience in commercial security means we can provide you with proven equipment and solutions to ensure you get the best, most practical camera solutions and the most competitive prices and with a wealth of installation knowledge to back it all up.

    CCTV offers the ideal solution for any commercial premises to protect your property, deter thieves or vandals, monitor property from other locations and provide reliable evidence to the police and courts should anything ever happen under your CCTV cameras as well as offering excellent monitoring of the premises’ health and safety requirements.

    System Equipment

    We use the World leading Pyronix Enforcer alarm systems to protect your property from intrusion.

    Complete Pyronix Enforcer Alarm System Installed From £799.00

    Authorised Installer

    We are a VASP authorised Hikvision installer.

    Our Barclaycard payment solution allows you to pay for your security system securely with American Express, credit / debit card. Cash payments can also be made.

    Alarm System Usability

    Our alarm systems are set-up for maximum effectiveness without any hassle – Arm or disarm the alarm using the keypad, remote keyfob or mobile app and monitor the entire system at a glance on your phone.

    With the ability to arm the entire system, part of the system (for night time) or all-off, your alarm is designed to protect your property whether you’re home or away. Visible external sounders deter intruders and powerful internal sensors detect human movement when there should be none.

    Mobile Monitoring

    Monitor and manage your alarm system via your iPhone or Android phone – Our alarm systems connect wirelessly to your home broadband to allow you to view and manage the system, set and unset the alarm or see what’s been triggered all instantly on screen, from anywhere in the World.

    Add CCTV cameras to the system; control and monitor all of your security from one app.
    Up to 10 devices can be added so your entire family can control the system securely.

    Commercial CCTV For Your Business

    Get Professional CCTV

    We design and install commercial CCTV solutions which are suitable for commercial premises including schools, public houses, local authority buildings, warehouses, farms, leisure centres and public facilities.

    Professional Optional Extras

    cctv monitoring

    NSI Accredited Monitoring Station

    We offer all our customers a CCTV monitoring service available via a surveillance monitoring station in the UK. This service can provide a third party around-the-clock watch on your premises via your CCTV cameras, so you only get notified if there’s a real incident taking place.

    Our monitoring station is NSI Gold accredited and SSAIB approved.

    Remote alarm servicing

    Remote Servicing

    Instant notifications are sent to our secure portal prompting us to identify any abnormality on your security devices. We can then solve problems online quickly and easily via remote configuration, saving you time and keeping your system online.

    No more waiting in for an engineer to arrive.

    Information Commissioners Office

    Data protection is crucial when installing CCTV – Find out more from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

    Cable Managed Installations

    Cable managed installtions

    All of our installations feature cable managed solutions, that means that cable runs are hidden or enclosed in discrete tamper proof conduit, resulting in a secure, vandal proof installation.

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