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Protect your home with a professional, digital HD CCTV system

We provide the installation and maintenance of home CCTV throughout Warwickshire, Leicestershire & Gloucestershire. Our bespoke CCTV systems are intuitive, easy-to-use and are installed in and around your home to pro-actively deter and capture activity on your property.

Pre-warn, Prevent & Protect

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Mobile Monitoring




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NSI Accredited Monitoring Station

Established in 1989

Our vast experience in domestic home CCTV and security means we can provide you with proven equipment and solutions to ensure you get the best, most practical camera solutions and the most competitive prices and with a wealth of installation knowledge to back it all up.

CCTV offers the ideal solution for any domestic premises to protect your property, deter thieves or vandals, monitor property from other locations and provide reliable evidence to the police and courts should anything ever happen under your CCTV cameras.

We Provide Premium Domestic CCTV

Our vast experience in domestic security means we can provide you with proven equipment and solutions to ensure you get the best, most practical camera solutions and the most competitive prices and with a wealth of installation knowledge to back it all up.

We design and install domestic CCTV solutions which are suitable for all homes. Get verified alerts from your home CCTV system via the mobile app as intruders move towards your home, utilise built in camera sirens, strobes or both to repel criminal attacks against your property and loved ones.

A security system is an integral part of all domestic properties, providing a deterrent from intruders and theft, protection for your loved ones, property and overseeing any area you need an extra eye on.



Our CCTV systems are made up of the latest and most reliable cameras, recording equipment, cabling and accessories.

We stay on trend with technology to make sure you’re only ever supplied with the best equipment according to your budget and requirements.

Hikvison Colour Vu cameras
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Play Video


Our low maintenance, easy to use CCTV systems are designed to monitor and provide surveillance solutions to busy premises without fuss. Professional grade recording equipment with Acusense, Smart Alerts and premium networking solutions provide an effective integration by continuously recording relevant footage, offering fast access to data from any location via the secure desktop PC, smartphone and tablet application.

Mobile Monitoring

Monitor and review footage from your home CCTV system via most mobile devices – Our CCTV systems are networked to your home broadband connection or a dedicated M2M 4G router.

Easily view, review and export your systems footage from any internet connection around the world.

Valuable Vehicle Security

Keyless car entry and other modern security on high value vehicles leaves some cars vulnerable to theft.

Use CCTV to monitor your driveway, deter theft and capture criminal activity.

Contact us to find out how we can help you secure your vehicle.

Professional Optional Extras

cctv monitoring

NSI Accredited Monitoring Station

We offer all our customers a CCTV monitoring service available via a surveillance monitoring station in the UK. This service can provide a third party around-the-clock watch on your premises via your CCTV cameras, so you only get notified if there’s a real incident taking place.

Our monitoring station is NSI Gold accredited and SSAIB approved.

Remote alarm servicing

Remote Servicing

Instant notifications are sent to our secure portal prompting us to identify any abnormality on your security devices. We can then solve problems online quickly and easily via remote configuration, saving you time and keeping your system online.

No more waiting in for an engineer to arrive.

A Handful Of Our Commercial Clients
Information Commissioners Office

Data protection is crucial when installing CCTV – Find out more from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Cable Managed Installations

Cable managed CCTV

All of our installations feature cable managed solutions, that means that cable runs are hidden or enclosed in discrete tamper proof conduit, resulting in a secure, vandal proof installation.

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Warwickshire Police

Population: 542,853

Warwickshire Police covers 33 districts from 19 Police stations across the county. This police force covers Nuneaton, Bedworth & throughout the County of Warwickshire.

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West Midlands Police

Population: 2,734,184

West Midlands Police covers 88 districts from 88 Police stations across the force area. This police force covers Coventry.

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Leicestershire Police

Population: 1,015,918

Leicestershire Police covers 67 districts from 17 Police stations across the county. This police force covers Hinckley, Burbage, Market Bosworth and the County of Leicestershire.

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