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We provide businesses with premium CCTV to monitor, protect and oversee your premises & people.

Pre-warn, Prevent & Protect - Established 1989

Protect Group Ltd is a second-generation family-run electronic security solutions company, offering home and business CCTV installation, maintenance, upgrades and data storage. At Protect Group, we believe in treating people with respect, fairness, transparency and honesty. Each client partnership we undertake is opened, managed and completed at Director level; ensuring complete customer satisfaction and retention. Call Protect Group today to discuss your requirements and see how we can help make these a reality.

CCTV experts

Our professional, bespoke CCTV systems are designed and installed to protect, pre-warn and prevent your organisation from criminal attacks 24/7 365. This means that once installed, you get the best possible commercial CCTV camera system that will last for many years giving trouble-free operation and low servicing costs.

We cover central England from our headquarters in Coventry, The West Midlands, North of The Midlands is covered by our Birmingham office and South of The Midlands is covered by the Milton Keynes office.
Get in touch to see how we can help: 02476 070 820