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GDPR CCTV cloud storage for your organisation

Protect Group’s CCTV Cloud Storage offers a bunch of features that make your security data safer and easier to access. When working in the direct streaming mode, security data is stored in a structure that makes search and retrieval of video much faster than conventional data storage. Our VRAID and Automatic Network Replenishment technology ensures no data is lost even if technical issues occur, such as HDD failure or network disruption.

Pre-warn, Prevent & Protect

Benefits of CCTV cloud storage

We can even schedule a backup of recordings during off-peak hours to optimize network usage. Our in-house Hybrid SANs also provide flexible tools to manage the life cycle of video recordings. You can lock and archive video footage for write protection so critical data can be retained for further investigation, and non-critical data can be overwritten after a defined lifetime to release storage space.

CCTV cloud storage

Easily archive and retrieve your organizations CCTV footage securely from our data centre located in The West Midlands, serving commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom.

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