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CCTV Monitoring

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Get professional CCTV,
commercial CCTV for your business

Our vast experience in domestic and commercial security means we can provide you with proven equipment and solutions to ensure you get the best, most practical camera solutions and the most competitive prices and with a wealth of installation knowledge to back it all up.

We design and install commercial CCTV solutions which are suitable for commercial premises including schools, public houses, local authority buildings, warehouses, farms, leisure centres, public facilities and more

Pre Warn, Prevent and Protect - Established in 1989

24 hour CCTV monitoring

We can provide your commercial premises with around the clock monitoring for your CCTV system. Ideal for factories, shopping centres and other commercial establishments, CCTV monitoring facilities offer an around the clock eye on your cameras; meaning your property is protected.

Reduce your on site security costs

This affordable monitoring solution reduces the need for an on-site security guard to be watching your CCTV monitors.

Your CCTV system connects directly to the UK monitoring station where live footage is observed and unusual or unwanted activity is reported and can be responded to proactively and effectively.