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Professional Business, Commercial & Industrial CCTV Systems

A handful of our commercial clients

We provide businesses with premium CCTV to monitor, protect and oversee your premises & people.

Pre-warn, Prevent & Protect - Established 1989

Commercial CCTV

A CCTV system is an integral part of any commercial property; offering protection from intruders and thieves as well as peace of mind and evidence should anything ever happen.

We design, install and maintain commercial surveillance systems which achieve optimum security for your property, belongings and staff 24 hours a day.

Experts in commercial & business CCTV systems

We design and install bespoke commercial CCTV systems suitable for premises including schools, factories, public houses & clubs, local authority buildings, warehouses, farms, leisure centres and public facilities to name just a few…


CCTV equipment

Our CCTV systems are made up of the latest and most reliable cameras, recording equipment, cabling and accessories.

We stay on trend with technology to make sure you’re only ever supplied with the best equipment according to your budget and requirements.

CCTV cloud storage

Our video surveillance storage solutions are secure, scalable and flexible, suitable for medium to larger businesses and government departments. Call our CCTV Cloud Storage team on 024 7607 0830 to find out how we can help.

Mobile monitoring

Monitor and review footage from your CCTV system via most mobile devices – Our CCTV systems are networked to your business broadband connection or a dedicated M2M 4G router.
Easily view, review and export your systems footage while you’re out and about, from any internet connection around the World.  

A Handful Of Our Commercial Clients
Pre-warn, Prevent & Protect

Premium security solutions

We stay on top of the latest technology to ensure your property is as secure as possible, using the most reliable equipment. Monitoring & recording footage securely from your property and protecting your belongings, people and profits.

Monitor your security cameras quickly and easily from your desktop and mobile devices, utilise advanced HikCentral software, Artificial Intelligence CCTV equipment, GDPR CCTV Cloud Storage and the latest 4G Redeployable CCTV equipment with a Protect Group CCTV system. Get alerts when your CCTV system is triggered via the mobile app.